What is Infinite Intelligence?

Ever since it was published in the 1930s, Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich has remained exceedingly popular. Many people have been able to read it and pick Hill’s brain regarding how to use more positive thoughts to become rich. But, for many readers, it can be quite difficult to understand it all at once. Upon first reading, you may get lost in Hill’s words and it will take second and third readings to find out what he really means. There are some things repeated throughout the book which can be hard to understand but which are obviously important, because they are repeated throughout the book. This is the case with infinite intelligence, which is mentioned from almost the get go and is continuously mentioned throughout the book.

It seems to be the common opinion that what Hill means by infinite intelligence is derived from a “creative source.” In other words, if one is able to be extremely creative and think creatively, it means they will “tap into Infinite Intelligence.” In other words, that person will be using their brain in one of the best ways, to think! Critical thinking and creativity are often two aspects of modern school which are all too forgotten, but they are necessary for life in general!

Hill states throughout his book that you can use your subconscious to tap into this intelligence, and it is much agreed upon that what he means by it is a higher power or God. When thinking of intelligence that is infinite, what first pops to your mind? A higher power. Hill is suggesting that in order for one to become rich, they must become in tune with this higher power. As mentioned earlier, the knowledge is derived from a creative source. This knowledge is not just your own knowledge, in fact, it comes from a higher power and if this knowledge is used it can be exceedingly effective in helping you become rich. Hill states that this intelligence is an open, free-flowing source, that is used in nature to tell a small shrub to grow into a tree, to tell a stream to flow down river, etc. and it is a source which can also, if tapped into by a person, be used to help them get the riches which they so desire. Hill argues that Infinite Intelligence can and should be used by humans, and if they use autosuggestion (which is similar to positive reinforcement from oneself) and learn to think creatively and critically, they can achieve riches!

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