Who Was Wallace D. Wattles?

Wallace D. Wattles was a new thought author and his writings have been associated with the new thought movement of the late 19th and early 20th century. Wallace D. Wattles is best known for his self help book titled ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

Although a famous author of his times, Wallace was not globally well known during his lifetime. It was only after ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ was published in 1910 and later when it became a bestseller that people in the United States and across the world became more aware of his works and thoughts. Unfortunately, Wallace D. Wattles did not live long enough to see his works having a global impact. He died in the year 1911 when he was only 51 years old.

Wallace D. Wattles has been hailed by literary critics for his writing style which was simple, thoughtful and extremely pragmatic. His book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ is one of the finest self help books around and although it talks about wealth creation and is based upon the Law of Attraction, there are much larger contexts and implications in real life of the truths that Wallace depicts through the 17 chapters.

Not many people knew much about Wallace D. Wattles during his lifetime. As a matter of fact, most of the information about him that is in the public domain was reported later by her daughter. Florence A. Wattles, daughter of Wallace D. Wattles, had a letter published in the Nautilus magazine which was then edited by Elizabeth Towne and was pioneering the New Thought Movement. The letter described the life of Wallace D Wattles that he was born in the United States in 1860 and had very little formal education. At a very tender age, Wallace found himself away from the world of commerce. During his formative years in Nunda Township which was at McHenry County in Illinois, he worked as a laborer at a farm. Wallace D. Wattles was married to Abbie Walters who was 47 at the time and along with Florence, they had two other children, Russel and Agnes. The last name of their family was Walters which as per records was later changed to Wattles in 1910. Thus, all modern day references and also how the author is known, is Wallace D. Wattles and not Wallace D. Walters.

Wallace D. Wattles died on 7th February 1911 in Tennessee as a rich man. 

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